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Eating with one’s hand adds to the deliciousness of food and it is the norm rather than the exception in most Asian communities.

The all-new Crab Hut restaurant aims to take crab and seafood dining back to basics by enabling ardent crab and seafood lovers get their hands dirty with their favourite ocean denizens. Crab Hut aims to bring food-loving Malaysians together with their families and friends, for heart-warming seafood boil and barbecue feasts following the popular maxim ‘the family that eats together, stays together’.

Crab Hut’s back-to-basics seafood dining concept lets diners enjoy a ‘no frills yet fun-filled, hands-on experience’ with fresh, premium seafood enhanced by classic and inventive Malaysian and Asian-style sauces.

Many will be familiar with Crab Hut’s sister restaurant, the Crab Factory in SS2, which has been in delivering scrumptious seafood boil since January 2014.